During this time we will be posting videos to our newly created Youtube channel, which you can find here: Market Harborough Methodist Circuit: NEVER ALONE.

A short introduction to our "Never Alone" video channel with Rev. Andy Murphy:

For Sunday 9th August, Rev John Rackley explores Psalm 23 (The Lord's My Shepherd) and invites us to think about the difficult changes we face in our lives and how we can approach them with faith. Download / view John's reflection, which expands on the video here: Reflection on The Lord's My Shepherd.

For Sunday 2nd August, when our churches at Market Harborough and Kibworth are preparing to re-open for worship, Rev Andy Murphy looks at the gospel story of the Feeding of the Five Thousand, and thinks about our appreciation of the gifts people offer, and what Jesus can do with the things we offer to God.

For Sunday 26th July, Rev Andy Murphy looks at 'Footprints on the Sand', explores Romans chapter 8, and thinks about how we can trust in God's love even in times of distress, depression or pain. (If the link in the video to the hymn at end doesn't work, it can be viewed here: In the wonder of creation).

In this 'Eco-Special' we concentrate our thoughts and prayers on God's good creation, and our responsibility for the planet. Led by Rev Andy Murphy, with special guest Rev Canon Brian Davis, and prayers by our Eco-Champion Mrs Anita Beer.

For Sunday 12th July, Rev Brian Kennard explores Jesus' parable of the sower, encouraging us that, in God's hands, good and lasting things can come from very small beginnings. Brian leads us in worship and prayer, helping us to put God at the centre of our lives today.

For Sunday 5th July, as we begin to make preparations for going back into our church buildings for worship, Rev Andy Murphy reflects on 10 years since his ordination, and thinks about what it means to be 'church'.

Live stream of the Morning Service from Methodist Central Hall Westminster on Sunday, 28th June 2020, The Methodist Conference Sunday.

For Sunday 28th June, Christine Hodgson explores with us Psalm 13, and reflecting on her daily walks and experiences, uses this psalm to help us think about how we can hold on to faith during the dark times of depression, fear or frustration.

Methodist Conference 2020 - Saturday 27 June - Representative Session including the induction of the President and Vice-President and Reception into Full Connexion.

For Fathers' Day, 21st June 2020, Rev Andy Murphy plays cricket with his daughter, and then explores nature of God. All in a day's work, really. Enjoy!

Revd Dr Inderjit Bhogal offers a reflection on what hope means during the season of Coronavirus as the final part in All We Can's #RefugeeWeek series.

For Sunday 14th June we celebrate the work of MHA (Methodist Homes for the Aged) and we celebrate older people in general! With a reflection from MHA Chaplain Kate Hitchcox, and a special introduction from Rev Andy Murphy - broadcasting from outside MHA Welland Place Market Harborough.

Due to the Covid-19 crisis, our memorial and remembrance service will be delivered virtually to honour those we have lost within our MHA family, with numbers increasing, but currently over 400 residents and three colleagues. We will also take a moment to acknowledge the many thousands worldwide who have lost their lives or been affected by this tragedy to date.

For Trinity Sunday (7th June), Rev Brian Kennard discusses the relationship between God the Father, the Son (Jesus) and the Holy Spirit. Using helpful illustrations and with prayer and songs for our worship together.

For our celebration of the day of Pentecost, we look at some artwork from our young people, and Rev Andy Murphy talks about the Holy Spirit - the Breath of God - at work in us, and with us through our highs and lows.

For this Sunday when we celebrate the Ascension of Jesus into heaven (7th Sunday of Easter), Rev John Rackley reflects on the experience of the first disciples following the call to go back into Jerusalem and wait for the Holy Spirit. What does this mean in our present situation when we are waiting in prayer? May we ask God to kindle the flame of his love in us afresh, as we anticipate Pentecost.

This is an Easter story with a difference. It is especially for young children, to help them explore thoughts and feelings about life and death, and hope of new life after death. Written and performed by Rev. Andy Murphy.

For the 6th Sunday of Easter, Rev Andy Murphy reflects on good community relations, and then explores the final chapter of John's gospel (John 21: 1-19): the story of Jesus appearing to the disciples on the fishing trip, and his healing conversation with Peter. The theme is grace.

For the 5th Sunday of Easter, Rev Dave Tomlin explores some of Jesus' most profound and meaningful words to his disciples in John chapter 14 - thinking about how we can learn to put our trust in Jesus, even during times of crisis, and how this can empower us to continue Christ's work on earth. The video starts with some messages of hope and encouragement from members of our churches in Naseby, Kibworth and Market Harborough.

In this special "all-age" edition, Rev Andy Murphy and some of the children and young people from Naseby, Kibworth and Market Harborough Methodist churches explore what it means that Jesus is "The Good Shepherd" and read Psalm 23 together.

For the 3rd Sunday of the Easter Season, Rev Andy Murphy explores the walk to Emmaus from Luke chapter 24, and thinks about how we can find Jesus with us on our daily walks and in our daily struggles.

"He is not here; he is risen!" For the Sunday after Easter, Rev John Rackley takes us from our empty churches to find God instead in our living rooms. He explores the story of Thomas, where Jesus appears to his disciples in their locked room. John invites us to reflect on faith, doubt and questioning, in the midst of our present situations. With prayer and worship, and the words of a hymn to reflect on.

With thanks to Revd Professor Adrian Low for kind permission to use his hymn words:
"When our futures are uncertain" © Adrian Low

and thanks to Graham Kendrick for kind permission to use his music:
"Jesus Stand Among Us" © 1977 Thankyou Music
"Thine be the Glory" (Performed by Graham Kendrick at Spring Harvest) - written by Edmond Budry

In our Easter Sunday video broadcast, Rev Andy Murphy reflects on whether we should really be celebrating Easter this year, with prayers, music, an Easter egg hunt and an appearance by a very special choir!

For Good Friday 2020, Michael Mays reflects on the crucifixion of Jesus, and in particular the one person there who recognized his true identity. Michael leads us in a quiet, meditative time together, recorded at Kibworth Methodist Church.

If you haven't got a palm cross (and can't find last year's) you might like to try making one out of paper. On Good Friday we might like to think about taking our daily exercise (if you're allowed out) at around 10.00am and carrying your palm cross with you as a sort-of quiet individual 'walk of witness'. Alternatively, perhaps you could put your cross up in your window to remind your neighbours what day it is.

It was a real joy this week to work with some ecumenical colleagues on a School Easter Assembly video, which will be made available to many of the children and families in the local schools. We hope that this will offer some encouragement and spiritual support to all our families as we reflect together on the meaning Easter. (And a jolly song at the end!)

In this special video for Palm Sunday, Rev Brian Kennard invites us to think about what sort of king Jesus is, we're invited to pray and sing together, and Rev Andy Murphy attempts to play the part of the donkey.

In the second of our special messages during the Coronavirus crisis, Rev Andy Murphy thinks about God's 'passion' and looks at the story of Lazarus. Made for the 5th Sunday in Lent ('Passion Sunday') - 29th March 2020.

No Need to Fear - Sylvia Burnside & New Irish Arts

In the first of our series of messages to accompany us through the Coronavirus crisis, Rev Andy Murphy explores themes of separation and isolation amidst the new life of springtime and the hope of Easter. Made for Mothers' Day - 22nd March 2020.

This video was created for Naseby Methodist's "Soul Cafe" on 31st March 2019 - Mothering Sunday. Thinking about "the Family Resemblance" between God the Parent and God the Son.