During this time we will be posting videos to our Youtube channel, which you can find here: Market Harborough Methodist Circuit: NEVER ALONE.

Live-stream of our Sunday Morning Worship, led by Rev. Andy Murphy.

This sketch was written and produced by Andy Murphy, thankful that prayer is not like this and God is always available to us.

Graham Kendrick is one of the foremost singer-songwriters and Christian worship leaders of the last 40 years, and is still producing songs in 2021. His worship material has been available for free to the church during this time of pandemic, and in this interview conducted online with Methodist minister Rev Andy Murphy, Graham reflects on the church having to do things differently, talks about some of the hymns that have inspired him, and what it has meant to him to serve the church through his music and leave a legacy of hymns that will be around for a long time to come.

Rev Andy Murphy sits in his garden on a sunny day and explores what we mean by HOPE, looking at a sunflower growing from a seed. We think about the Christian idea of hope, related to the Kingdom of God, and our hope for heaven, and how we can all be signs of hope in the world.

For Father's Day 2021, Rev Andy Murphy reflects on his own children, and what parenthood is teaching him about the love of our Father God.
This also contains a prayer for refugees and asylum seekers, on this Refugee Sunday.

In this assembly video for primary schools, Rev Andy Murphy explores the Christian concept of 'Koinonia' - a Greek word found in the New Testament meaning 'fellowship' or 'communion'.

For this Whitsun special, and the 40th in our 'Never Alone' series, Rev Andy Murphy explores the story of Pentecost from Acts chapter 2, and talks about the birth of the Church and the reconciling power of the Holy Spirit.

This is a school assembly video for primary school age, for Ascension Day. Following on from the 'Story of Easter' series, Rev Andy Murphy tells the story of the Ascension of Jesus into heaven, and thinks about what that might mean for us here on earth.

A sonnet on the Ascension of Jesus, by Rev Andy Murphy. (Well, it could be three sonnets really - with three 14-line verses.) Written for Ascension Day 2021, for a service at Market Harborough Methodist Church, and an online service with St. Dionysius' Church.

The author gives permission for this to be freely used in video form, or read during a service, using the words below:

Ascension - a Sonnet
by Andrew T. Murphy © 2021

This wondrous story, almost quite ignored –
our once-proud Alleluias fading out –
that after forty days He upward soared;
a story leaving plenty room for doubt.
He levitates, then vanishes from sight;
Lifted, through clouds, to some celestial throne.
So, does it fade, our resurrection light?
This thing with which eternal hope was sown?
Do we forget He rose, and talked and fed,
and mended broken hearts and restored faith?
We once sang love has won, and death is dead,
and He was not some dream or ghostly wraith.
So let us lift our thoughts to where He’s now:
This King, to whom the universe will bow.

I can’t explain His rising through the air,
and yet I know it’s more than meets the eye,
for where Christ goes, He takes his people there;
the bonds of love He forged too strong to die.
I can’t say why so short an interlude
the risen Jesus walked among His friends,
and yet I know His footprints are still viewed
in every place where grace and love transcends.
He once held out His scars, His hands, His side,
to scared, bewildered followers like you.
They touched, they saw, they found a change inside:
His life was real, and could be shared, they knew.
More ‘God’ than any human being could own;
more human than the world had ever known.

And we don’t know the hour or the date!
An end will come, though some will think it odd:
This Christ has changed the course of human fate;
He’s pointed our direction back to God.
Heaven’s not where the dead live, but the living:
for those alive in God may glimpse those gates;
the whole angelic host, their worship giving,
and every faithful soul with Christ awaits,
now passed through death, anticipating birth:
that day of healing mercy, dazzling grace;
the day of final justice for the earth,
when love will break the dam and flood this place.
Let’s raise our Alleluias with one voice:
Lord Jesus reigns, so let the earth rejoice!

Andrew T. Murphy © 2021

As we approach Ascension Day, Rev Andy Murphy reflects on the earth Jesus leaves behind, but still loves! Despite the environmental challenges, and the climate crisis, there is hope. God has a mission for us all when it comes to this wonderful creation, and he won't leave us to get on with it without help...

Rev. Andy Murphy talks about courage in this primary school assembly video. Who has courage? What about when we're afraid? We think about the Easter story again, and how Jesus' friends needed courage to share the good news. And we ask God to help us find the courage we need in our daily lives.

For our online church service for the fourth Sunday of Easter, Rev Andy Murphy reflected on Jesus the Bread of Life, and what it means to rely on God for our 'daily bread'. The service was prepared and led by Mrs Rachel Hounsfield, with prayers led by Susie and Paul Colliss, and Bible readings by Catherine Clarke and Margaret Cox.

This is an edited video from our Circuit gathering on Zoom, held on Palm Sunday in the afternoon. Led by Chris Hodgson, and with a 3-part sermon/reflection by Rev Andy Murphy - reflecting on the kingship of Christ, the state of the world today, the calling of the church, and the word 'Hosanna!'

For Easter Sunday 2021, Rev Andy Murphy and his children look for signs of spring, and Andy reflects on the the disciples in their own lockdown, and the words of Jesus AFTER the resurrection - especially John 20:21: "Peace be with you. As the Father has sent me, so I send you."

Easter playlist of hymns and other videos to help you worship at home: Hymns for the Easter Season.

For the seventh and final of our reflections on the words of Jesus from the cross, Christine Hodgson explores "Father, into your hands I commit my spirit" - the words recorded in Luke's gospel as being the last before Jesus died (Luke 23: verse 46). Christine reflects on the deep relationship between Jesus the Son and God the Father, and how Jesus' death and resurrection gives us an invitation to enter into that relationship for ourselves.

In this series of 9 short videos, Rev Andy Murphy retells the story of Easter from his 'story tent', beginning with this one, about Jesus' entry into Jerusalem on the donkey and the celebration of the crowds on Palm Sunday.

For the playlist with all 9 videos, see The Story of Easter playlist on Youtube.

For the 6th of our reflections on the "Seven Last Words" from the cross, Rev Brian Kennard considers the words of Jesus from John chapter 19 verse 30: "It is finished!" - is it a cry of hopeless resignation or triumphant accomplishment?

For the fifth Sunday in Lent, and the fifth in this series of reflections, Rev Andy Murphy thinks about the words of Jesus from the cross: "Eli, Eli, lema sabachthani", which means "My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?"

Rev. Andy Murphy gives a special message for Mothers' Day 2021, looking back over the last year of the pandemic, and thinking about thankfulness.

For the 4th Sunday in Lent (Mothering Sunday), Rev John Rackley considers the desperate words of the gasping Jesus on the cross: "I am thirsty". This frank and moving reflection points us to the harsh reality of Jesus' death, and all human death, but also the hope that lies behind it.

For the 3rd of the "Seven Last Words" from the cross, Rev Dave Tomlin reflects on the words of Jesus to his mother and disciple, and on the relationship of love God calls us to have for one another as God's family, the church.

For the 2nd Sunday in Lent, Steve Pointer reflects on Jesus' words to the criminal who hung beside him: "Truly I tell you, today you will be with me in Paradise". Steve helps us to understand the significance of every word in this powerful statement, leading us into prayer.

For the first of the 'Seven Last Words', Kathy Morrison reflects on Jesus' words as they nail him to the cross: "Father, forgive them; they don't know what they are doing" (Luke 23: 34). Kathy explores the theme of forgiveness - how both giving and receiving it can set us free.

Seven Last Words is a series of reflections for Lent 2021, exploring the words of Jesus from the cross, as recorded by the four gospels. In this introductory video, Rev Andy Murphy talks about the "Last Words" as words of hope and healing, and we begin to meditate on the seven verses, accompanied by music.

For older videos, please see our Youtube channel: Market Harborough Methodist Circuit: NEVER ALONE.