Words for a weary walk

This year's Ability Sunday, Livability's annual event to celebrate inclusion in the Church, highlights the story of the road to Emmaus, found in Luke’s Gospel. The disciples we read about had to make on a journey they weren't expecting to take. They were setting out weary, downcast, and uncertain of the future.

This week, today, are you setting out weary? Think of an aspect of life where you may be feeling particularly deflated, worn out, or running on empty.

Make a note of everyone you ‘encounter’ in a week - this can be in person and online. It could include friends, family, colleagues, people we know well and those we know only in passing.

  • To what extent do you recognise Christ in each of these encounters? Why, or why not?
  • Can you imagine sharing a meal with these people? Again, consider why / why not?
  • How might that change your view, so that we can better see Christ in each of these interactions?

In the Gospel, when the disciples recognise Jesus, he immediately disappears. They get a glimpse of Jesus. This changes everything. Who might we get just the briefest glimpse of Jesus in our interaction? A delivery person? A supermarket worker? Someone we pass in the street? Look again at the list you have written of your recent interactions and commit each of these people to God in prayer.

As you think about these weary disciples, you can remember that God walks with you, even at your most dejected. This knowledge may not translate to having a spring in your step, but you can be confident that Christ travels alongside us, in every season of life.

Reflection taken from the Livability Community Engagement August Newsletter, for more resources and information please see abilitysunday.org.uk