When life is shaken to its core

When life is shaken to its core,
when clouds and storms arrive,
we find it difficult to know
God present in our lives.
Yet there’s no misery or grief,
pain, doubt, or emptiness,
that is not known by the divine
and filled with tenderness.

When we are tempted to give up
and purpose drains away,
where is the God of hope and joy?
Can peace replace dismay?
God, in the centre of our pain,
makes of our dark a tent,
a holy place of tearfulness
as life splits and fragments.


We need to learn to trust and know
God in our lives, God here
hidden within the clouds and storms,
one with our doubts and fears.
This is our peace: that in the depths
of our adversities
we find a God who shares our pain
and life’s cruel miseries.

© Andrew Brown – March 2020

This was written to counter the idea that God always brings light and was particularly inspired by this verse from Psalm 18:

He made darkness his hiding place;
his tent was in a circle about him,
dark water in clouds of air.

Psalm 18 v11 (Nicholas King translation – Kevin Mayhew)

86 86 86 86 (DCM)
Possible tune – Vox Dilecti (H&P 136)