Emergency appeal for the Methodist Church in Sierra Leone

Dear friends,

I am very grateful as a Methodist Minister that the church provides everything my family and I need in terms of enough money to live off and pay the bills, and a lovely home to live in. We do not take this for granted and are very thankful. I am very thankful that Church and Circuit financial reserves and the regular giving of our members means that this commitment can continue even when some of our regular income sources have temporarily stopped. In some parts of the world this is sadly not the case.

One of our members at Market Harborough, Anita Beer, has recently visited Sierra Leone on the West coast of Africa. Anita took greetings from us, visiting and getting to know some of the churches over there. Unfortunately, the Methodist Church in Sierra Leone has been struggling to pay its ministers for several months, and the Coronavirus crisis has hit them and their families, and many in their communities, very hard. The closure of church services has meant a loss of regular income, and many in the neighbourhoods have not yet been reached by any government help. The Methodist Church in Sierra Leone has launched a fundraising campaign simply to try to provide food to its 120 ministers and their families, and some of the most vulnerable in their communities.

It would be a tremendous Christian act of solidarity and practical love to help out our brothers and sisters in Sierra Leone at a time like this.
So we are launching this Circuit-wide appeal until the 30th June.

The Circuit Hardship Fund (set up for this crisis) has already committed £300 to help.
Market Harborough Methodist's benevolence fund has also committed £300 to this.
We will be sending this £600 to them immediately. But it would be wonderful if we could add to that total to be able to help more families in need.

If you are able to give, and you would like to, you can donate in the following ways, via our Circuit treasurer, Richard Huntington:

  • By sending a cheque payable to "Market Harborough Circuit Stewards Account" to Richard Huntington at his home address.
  • By dropping an envelope with cash or cheque through the letterbox of Market Harborough Methodist Church, addressed to Richard Huntington.
  • By phoning Richard to ask about details for a bank transfer payment.

(For any of these, please mention that it is for the Sierra Leone Appeal.)

I recognise that some of you may be experiencing financial hardship yourselves at the moment, and if you would like to speak to me about this, or accessing the Hardship fund for someone else, please ring me on 01858 462889.

Thank you for your love and support,
With every blessing,