Corona Virus – An Ode to Odious Covid 19

This dreaded virus may be a bind
when making some folk to seem unkind.
But as time passes, change is happ’ning,
for panic buying is now ending,
and queues are patient, and people kind!

Crossing roads are not so hazardous!
The air is cleaner – that is glorious!
There is time to think; be more curious
about how to fill the time we have -
keeping us and others humorous 😊

Jobs suspended for so many workers;
some work longer for sake of others!
We clearly hear the cost some pay
so that others might live another day!
Care shown and received – so tremendous!

When I raise my eyes to the skies
Somethings missing, then I realise –
there are no planes, just birds I now spy!
Less kerosene laden rain will fall,
and air pollution will fail to rise!

So with isolation in its place –
we can still give thanks for God’s good grace!
If we really do look we can trace
Dark Clouds that have a silver lining,
For in them we may find God’s embrace!

Let us give thanks to God for all who act with sensitivity and compassion to others.
Let us give thanks to God for those spared from effects of this virus.
And may we pray for those whose loved ones have died, or for those still suffering from it.

Let us hope that the leaders and politicians of our world finally realise that our wealth is most useful when it’s spent answering the world’s peoples’ needs rather than on obscene profits for the few who are profiteering at others expense!

May God bless us each and everyone, and enable us to be a blessing to others.


Dave Tomlin 01/04/2020