A message from Peter Arnold (May 2020)

5th May 2020

Dear Friends within the Circuit,

We may be in a period of lockdown and some people will be suffering immense physical and / or emotional pain and wondering when it will end, but let us give thanks for all the good things that we are able to appreciate; the wonderful spring weather, the improved air quality, the birds singing (even if they do wake us early) and the flowers.

Those of us with computers are also grateful for the inspirational postings from Andy, John Rackley and our wonderful supernumeraries. In addition the prayers from Michael Mays and others help us to keep going. Most of us have also rediscovered the telephone and are ringing round members talking to them as well as our own families. Let us give thanks to our stewards and pastoral visitors as well as our friends with whom we are able to keep in contact.

It is good to know that Kibworth have also embraced technology and are able to have meetings via a newly-found computer program called Zoom and are able to have ‘virtual’ meetings where they can see each other and talk to one another on their laptops (Contact Kathy Morrison if you want to know more). Andy has also used this for various meetings so even whilst we cannot meet in person we are able to have virtual meetings. Indeed our MH Men’s group will be having a virtual meeting on Thursday 14th May where we can talk and see how dodgy our hair has become since lockdown. Please email me if you are not aware of this and wish to join. It is completely safe. If other groups within the circuit wish to take advantage of this and are not aware of it just call me and I shall try to help.

We don’t know when we may be able to meet communally again but in the meantime may we continue to pray for one another and keep in contact by all the means at our disposal.

With God’s blessing to everyone,
Peter Arnold.