News connected with All We Can from Sierra Leone

Some of you will know that I visited Sierra Leone only a few weeks ago. Lots to share about the Methodist Church there but in particular about a Methodist hospital in one of the provinces.
They were very much involved in fighting the Ebola outbreak there.

There is one doctor who can’t remember the last time he had a break and who deals with every ‘speciality‘ you can name.

They have clean, but not running, water and solar powered electricity. The equipment available is almost non existent.

In the email I had from Bishop Mark last week he said he was sitting with the hospital administrator trying to work out where they could find the money to buy hand sanitizer for the hospital. A donation from some of our friends arrived at the same time!

Today he writes that there is now one confirmed case of Covid 19. Everyone in the country is very scared.

During the Ebola outbreak the country had a lot of help from Britain and other countries. They know this cannot happen now.

Please pray for the people of Sierra Leone.
If you can think of anything else we could do to help, please contact me.

Anita Beer (0791 007 3436)