Pray for Vial Refugee Camp on Chios

Dear Friends

For our prayers and consideration.

I read today in the media that there had been a dreadful fire on Saturday that had caused extensive damage in Vial refugee camp on the Greek island of Chios – you may have read or heard about it too.

Emma, someone I know from the Harborough Helping Refugees Group and who is part of the SLCS group with Maureen and me has visited the Vial camp on Chios many times, taking aid and spending time there just helping out, particularly with the children and families there. I have mentioned Emma, her fundraising and visits at previous HAJP meetings.

I have emailed Emma tonight assuring her of my thoughts and prayers. In addition to feeling devastated, Emma is feeling very helpless. She is in touch with a Palestinian family in the camp. Emma says of the family,

The mum is pregnant and they have 4 children. It was so awful. they were terrified with the fire and the police tear gassing. They have recently been without running water for days .. so unable to keep clean .. they were given rotten food which resulted in food poisoning - a baby was stung by a scorpion and was critical in hospital…..This morning the police raided the camp and all the people were confined to their tents being threatened with arrest if they left their tents.

Many people are homeless after the fire … my friend is on Chios and has some blankets and is raising funds for tents - but as yet no one is permitted to go near.

Janet – it’s terrible - I am really worried about the deteriorating situation there.

So, prayers for wisdom for the authorities, for peace in the camp, the right interventions for the individuals and families in the already over - crowded camp would be much appreciated.

Thank you.