A prayer on Methodist Homes (MHA) Sunday

14th June 2020
by Rev. Andy Murphy

This prayer is based on Isaiah 40: 28-31, remembering all those who continue to sacrificially care for others, those who have endured months of isolation, and those who face difficult decisions daily about the care of their loved ones.

Everlasting God, God of old and young,
You are the creator of all things,
your wisdom is beyond our understanding,
your ways are far above our ways,
you never grow tired or weary, although we often do.
Sometimes we stumble and fall,
and yet you renew our strength,
your grace lifts us up,
hope energises us; love finds a way.

We pray for those who are downcast or struggling at the moment.
We pray for all in care homes, nursing homes, sheltered housing, hospitals and hospices, for all who love them, and for those who care or provide for them daily.
We thank you for places where older and vulnerable people are loved and valued – and for organisations like MHA.
And we pray that you will help us to cherish the life you have given us, from birth until the end of our earthly lives when you welcome us into eternity.

In your strength, and in your presence,
may we soar on wings like eagles,
run and not grow weary,
walk and not be faint.
In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen.