7th May – A Prayer for Today

We all miss those times when we can pray together – when we hear familiar words and respond with one voice. In our worship book the Prayers of Intercession for the Easter Season include the following phrases:

In the power of the resurrection we offer our prayers to God.
Let us pray.

Remember in your love those who suffer …
the victims of violence and injustice …

Lord, we call to mind those all around the world
who we no longer see on TV news reports.
The boat people desperate for land
to call home;
those trapped in the camps in Bangladesh,
Lebanon or Mexico;
those defeated by drought
and soil erosion;
others whose livelihoods are lost
by political incompetence,
or stolen though corruption;
the untouchables of the world
who are touched by Covid.

[In the silence that would naturally follow we may recall
that we have already prayed for
Those who seek a fair and proper use of the world’s resources
those who strive for justice and peace.
Do we ask ourselves in the silence –
‘Does this mean me?’]

May the whole earth be transformed by mercy
and rejoice in hope.
Lord of life,
hear us in your love.

The words in italics are taken from the Methodist Worship Book, p. 165.

Michael Mays