6th May – A Prayer for Today

Although schools, colleges and universities are closed we, as a nation, are learning so much.

We have learnt about the bravery and commitment of NHS and care staff.

About who really makes a difference in our society – all those who make the food-chain work (from seasonal fruit pickers to those who stack the supermarket shelves), the bin men, those who keep the buses on the road, or carry the freight.

We’ve also been reminded about how precarious life is and what community means.

About both our own fragility and our resilience.

We have found real value in a smile, or a word kindly spoken.

What’s more we’ve discovered how little we really need.

Help us not to forget what we have learned;
that we may live differently,
find value in small things
and in all people,
so that we might tread lightly on this earth.

Michael Mays

A footnote – from a piece written by Caroline Lucas M.P. yesterday:

“Most of all, we’ve learned that although we are all weathering the same storm, we are not in the same boat. We don’t want to go back to the way things were before - the inequality and the unfairness.”