4th June – A Prayer for Today

The question of the day: to clap or not to clap (the founder of the UK movement Annemarie Plas, said last week that the 10th week of clapping would be a good time for it to end). Each Thursday at 8pm our streets have been filled with noise as we say ‘thank you’ to our keyworkers, all those who have helped to see us through this pandemic.

There’s a long way to go and we have to make this thankfulness a foundation stone for the future we must shape. So, the question for today is do we clap, like spectators and then close the door; or step out (metaphorically, or socially distanced) into the world?

help us to see and to understand
that we are called to be active participants,
not passive audience members,
in Kingdom building.
Be that in:
stay-at-home caring and sharing;
work-a-day decision making;
on the ‘street’ – comforting and encouraging;
or by simply living hopefully.
In all we do may we follow Jesus -
our guide, our strength, our redeemer.

Michael Mays