30th April – A Prayer for Today

Today we will, once again, applaud the NHS and all those in the front line during this pandemic. With this in mind, a thought on social care.

Most work long shifts, twelve hours is the norm, many on a rolling roster – meaning weekend work. A high proportion of carers have their own children at home. Some choose, often through necessity, to work overnight.

Social care for the disabled, damaged, frail and confused is generally speaking close to minimum wage employment, yet it is a vocation, in the proper sense of the term, for carers give of themselves. And in this time of Lockdown they take on yet more responsibility – for they serve as family, friend, councillor and decision maker.

we hold in prayer all those who work in social care,
who give of themselves day by day:
those who wash and dress those less able;
who administer medication, food and drink;
who change beds and deep clean;
who sing songs and, thoughtfully, set up activities.

Those who raise a smile and find the right words;
who hold a hand or provide that hug;
who must think and act as the ‘nearest and dearest’ would
when health begins to fail.

We pray that ‘our’ carers find the strength for each new day
and that they might set down the responsibilities of care
at the end of their working day.

Michael Mays