26th March – Prayer for Today

Lord of us all,

We hold in our minds all those who have nowhere to call home.
In a world where borders are closed
we think of those without status:
without papers, without resources
(beyond the cash they carry).

We try to think-through the implications
for all who live on the fringes,
trapped in the shadowlands of unregulated work
and without the security of a National Insurance number.

And, in shame, we force to mind
those who despair, stranded on the beaches,
or consigned to the camps,
lost from sight as we are consumed
by our present needs
(for we can no longer fill our supermarket trolleys).

Lord, open our hearts;
that we may do our part
to make generosity, tolerance and fairness
the pillars on which our society is made new.
And may the bedrock be love.

Michael Mays