22nd June – A Prayer for Today

Image copyright BBC

This morning BBC Radio introduced ‘Rethink’ – their open discussion about how society and our lives might change for the better after the COVID-19 crisis. At the root of this is one of the biggest questions the UK and the world face: what has the Coronavirus crisis taught us and what should we, individually and collectively, change to improve our lives after it?

‘Rather than analysing what might happen when the world moves beyond the pandemic, this project asks a wide range of thinkers - as well as BBC radio audiences - to consider what they want to happen. It will explore everything from the way we travel to how we assess individual health risks, how we look after the elderly and look out for the young, the future of globalisation, what it means to live a good life, and who we most value and reward in our society.’

help us to rethink –
what we see and how we see it,
who we see and how we see them,
what we use and how we use it,
what we consume and who really pays,
what we spend and how we spend it
and what we want and what we need.
As we stand at the edge of change
may Christ light our way;
may your Kingdom come.

Michael Mays