15th May – A Prayer for Today

Earthrise is truly an iconic photograph. It was taken from lunar orbit by astronaut William Anders in December 1968. The Apollo 8 mission was the first crewed voyage to orbit the Moon.

Earth Rise

The craft had just emerged from the dark side of the moon to be met by the awe-inspiring sight of the earth, our home.

There are times in each and every life when we find ourselves in deep darkness. For some the journey through the darkness is long and arduous. Many are going through this experience right now – when separation, isolation and loneliness overwhelm; and where parting and grieving can’t take their ‘natural’ course.

We hold in prayer all those who are in a dark place right now.
May they sense that they are not alone.
May they know that they are held in your love.
May they find their way to the light of a new day.
And may we all, in the end, be filled with awe and wonder.

Michael Mays