12th May – A Prayer for Today

During this week the Year 6 children (11 year olds) should have been taking their SATs (Standardised Assessment Tests). Whatever we may think of grading and measuring those still in primary school by way of written tests the SAT’s are a marker, or signpost, on the journey through school.

We pray for all our children:
those guided through their online lessons by parents
and those who have no access to a computer,
or no one at home to help them along.

We pray for all our children:
those who miss their teachers and teaching assistants,
their friends in the playground,
the pattern of the school day
and a hot meal at lunchtime.

We pray for all who work in schools:
the management teams as they plan for the unknown,
the teachers working out how to fill the educational gaps
the support staff wondering just how to ‘social distance’ the very young
and keep everything clean.

We pray also for those who bear the heavy responsibility
of looking out for those children who are especially vulnerable
in a world of fragile relationships,
broken trust
and financial breaking points.

May all who care for the young
find the patience, sensitivity and tenacity
for what lies ahead,
as they help to shape the lives
of those who will hold our future.

Michael Mays