11th May – A Prayer for Today

Over the last few weeks, we have been locked in battle with another family in our very own ‘World Series’ Jigsaw Duel. We take turns to buy two copies of a 1000-piece jigsaw and with an agreed start time we see which household can complete the picture first. We are currently losing.

One puzzle was the famous Japanese print, Hokusai’s Great Wave – with large blocks of flat colour and repeating wave-tip scrolls. It was fiendishly difficult. At one point my son had 135 pieces of plain white puzzle laid out neatly according to precise size and shape; and fitted them together simply by trial and error. It was painstaking work!

Right now, life seems to be an impossible jigsaw – but we will, in the end, fit the pieces together.

the pieces don’t seem to fit:
we must stay at home, but go to work;
isolate from loved ones, but send the kids to school;
and, presumably, make our own PPE.

When we are overwhelmed remind us
that “our empty streets are filled with love” –
that we are reconnecting with the natural world around us,
learning to live more simply,
taking time to make those phone calls
and remembering much we thought was lost.

We pray for those in government
and those who have influence:
may they be careful in their planning;
attentive in their listening,
thoughtful in their counsel
and ever aware of the vulnerable.

We hold in mind those who will today
strive to fit some more pieces
of the Covid puzzle together:
the scientists and medics
the analysts and economists.
Grant to them patience, wisdom and understanding.

We remember also those who are fearful:
those who must return to work today
and those who must rely on public transport;
those who feel left behind
as new technologies fill the gaps
and those who find themselves isolated,
lost at home.
May they find in you courage for the day ahead.

we know that with each piece
the picture becomes clearer.
We ask that through all this
we may become ‘better’ –
that the resilience and compassion,
the growing sense of interdependence,
the re-evaluations we have made
might not be lost
but help us to build anew.

Loving Lord,
remind us day by day,
hour by hour,
that we are not alone –
for in Christ you are close.

Michael Mays