Ways to save our seas

  • If you see some litter pick it up - litter such as plastic bags are super lightweight and get blown into waterways by the wind. If it’s safe to do so, pick it up even if you’re not by the sea.
  • Use reusable bottles - 500 billion plastic bottles are used worldwide every year, many of which don’t get recycled.
  • Support charities - there are many incredible charities that work hard to clean our oceans that depend on donations to continue their planet saving work. For example, 4Ocean is a company who use plastic from the sea to make jewellery. The purchase of one bracelet funds the removal of one pound of rubbish from the oceans!
  • Shop smart - when shopping for groceries choose foods that aren’t wrapped in plastic; only 14% of plastic packaging gets recycled.
  • Invest in reusable items - there are so many environmentally friendly alternatives to single use plastic, from reusable straws to beeswax cling film.

Want to find out more? ‘A Plastic Ocean’ – a multi award winning documentary, available on Netflix or to rent on Amazon, reveals the effects of plastic on the planet’s marine ecosystems and on human health. Praised by David Attenborough as ‘one of the most important films of our time”.

Anita Beer