Eco Church

Dear friends in the Harborough churches,

With lockdown easing, we’re all thinking, ‘Do I want my post-lockdown life to be as it was before – or is this the opportunity to make changes?’ And the same goes for our church life. Do we just return to ‘business as usual’ or is it time to do things differently?

A bigger challenge even than the Covid pandemic is the climate emergency. Time is running out! Will churches seize the opportunity of taking a lead in their communities by demonstrating their care for creation?

Many of you will have heard about Eco Church, the initiative run by the Christian conservation charity A Rocha ( with the aim of making churches (their buildings, their land, their congregation’s lifestyles, their engagement with their communities) more eco-friendly. It’s the best tool we know to help churches get to grips with the issues in a practical way.

If you have already signed up for Eco Church, hopefully the easing of Covid restrictions will mean you are able to make progress in the coming months. If you have yet to sign up, maybe now is the time to consider beginning. Ideally you need a team of at least 3 people endorsed by your church leadership who are interested in taking a lead on behalf of the church. Perhaps you weren’t aware that there are a number of churches in Market Harborough already working on the Eco Church challenges and they meet together to share their experience and help one another along the way. So if you need help getting a group started, then it’s available.

  • If you’d like someone to come alongside your team to help them get started, please ask.
  • If you’d like to attend a couple of the Eco Church group meetings (currently on Zoom) to find out more, please ask. The next one is on June 28th when we have a speaker who will be looking particularly at making church land/green space more eco-friendly.
  • If you’d like someone to speak at your church about Eco Church and why it’s important, please ask.
  • A number of Harborough churches have made a commitment to celebrate Climate Sunday in September. If you would like help in putting together a Climate Sunday service, please ask.

We’d like to encourage you to step up for the world gifted to us by the God we love!

Lin Ball (St Dionysius Eco Church team) –
Anita Beer (Market Harborough Methodist Church Eco Church team) –
Rev Brian Davis (chair of the Market Harborough Churches Eco Church teams) –