Battle for Naseby Square 2020

Naseby Square Housing Complex was a happy community of post retirement age adults living in a Social and Sheltered Housing development.

The local authourity, Harborough District Council, initiated negotiations with the managing Housing Group to agree to demolish 30% of the complex simply to gain access to develop a small plot of land. Manipulation of the truth (I'm not allowed to call them 'lies' - so don't mention this problem until you've seen the web-site of 38 Degrees). Suffice to say that appalling management behaviour can be clearly shown with inducements also offered by the local authority. They can now no longer afford the development costs, so they wish the Housing Group to buy their land and carry out the development for them.

The proposals are felt totally inappropriate for the area. There is no provision for the replacement of the social and sheltered housing nor retention or replacements of the community amenities - Communal Lounge, Warden's Office and Community (Centre) Hall that previously served both tenants of the complex and the surrounding community.

Since May 2018 a small group of supporters has lobbied the local authority and the managing housing group to very little avail. It appears that 'the powers that be' are assured of this Planning Application going through regardless of overwhelming numbers of objections.

The treatment meted out to tenants 'forced' to move has been appalling. The total disregard of the local pressures being placed on local services such as schools, social care and health - let alone already over-crowded narrow streets where traffic flow is sometimes impossible - adds up to madness.

This campaign means a lot to me and the more support we can get the better chance we may have of stopping the scheme.

You can read more and sign the petition here: Battle for Naseby Square 2020.

Thank you, and God bless,

Dave Tomlin, pp Tenants' Support Group.