A close shave for charity

Hello Everyone,

Following in the footsteps of Captain Tom Moore, I think I should do my part for raising funds for NHS workers. Walking round my house 100 times before my 100th birthday seems a bit energetic and I would probably get dizzy.

As you may be aware I am very proud of my curly locks (?) but come the end of June it will be four months since my last haircut. As I live alone there is nobody to cut my hair and rather than spoil my boyish good looks with a bad haircut I have decided to shave my head completely on 30th June in the hope that by doing so I may raise funds for the Ambulance Drivers Charity. As we have all saved money during this time by not going to the barbers / hairdressers please support me by contributing to my Justgiving page to raise money for these men and women who are on the front line of the pandemic. When I get to shave my head I shall endeavour to send a photo to prove what I have done. I may even offer to shave it via a Zoom meeting for anyone wishing to jeer me on.

Although the money you pledge will all go to the charity (except for a small percentage for card transaction costs), Justgiving, being a huge profit making company, try to take an additional amount (15%) for their shareholders. Please make sure you alter this. Personally I think 1% is more than enough to cover their costs.

To access my page please go to: https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/peter-arnold8

Thanking you all in advance

Peter Arnold (soon to be known as Yul)

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