Circuit Staff

Superintendent Minister - Revd. Andrew Murphy

Rev'd Andrew Murphy and his wife Emily, with their two children, Phoebe and Benjamin.

Andrew Murphy and his wife Emily are now in their third year living in Market Harborough (and still enjoying it very much), also serving the Methodist churches and communities of Naseby, Kibworth and Husbands Bosworth. They have two children, Phoebe (aged 5) and Benjamin (aged 2). Emily is a junior doctor training to be an anaesthetist. Phoebe is now in the reception class at ‘big school’, where she majors in art, writing and lunch. She is also a keen swimmer, loves Disney films and singing in the car. Benjamin is studying ‘life skills’ at nursery, hoping to graduate in two years’ time. He is currently working to expand his vocabulary, his charm, and his parents’ patience.

Andy originates from County Durham, and cherishes his Geordie roots, keeping a keen interest in his beloved Newcastle United. He is a published hymn-writer and contributes studies for the Methodist daily bible study (“A Word in Time”). He enjoys writing and music, playing the piano, and in his spare time watches box sets of the X-files, Red Dwarf, 24, Frasier, and their Sunday-night special: Poirot! Not forgetting the eternal favourite: The Lord of the Rings. Andy’s heroes include: CS Lewis, Charles Wesley, Donald English, Alan Shearer, Roald Dahl, Richard Curtis, Daddy Pig, Tom Wright and Freddie Mercury. Andy previously served in the Hinckley Circuit for eight years, in what was his first posting in the ministry, ordained in 2010.

In his church work, Andy’s calling and passion is to “build up the body of Christ” – so that every person may find a welcome and a place within God’s family, and every disciple grow to their full potential, with God’s help. He is passionate about good worship, thoughtful study of the Bible, creative liturgy, and the church being primarily a caring community: reaching out to meet the needs of all, within and outside of our congregation. Andy believes the Church of Christ is God’s chosen vehicle to renew the world and transform human hearts, through sharing the love of Jesus in acts of mercy, forgiveness, healing and social justice.

Contact - Tel 01858 462889 or email

Children & Families Worker - Susie Colliss

Paul & Susie Colliss

Paul & Susie Colliss

Susan Colliss (Susie) joined the Circuit staff in January 2013 and is the Development Worker for Children, Young People and Families.

Susie lives in Glaston and has 2 grown up children and 4 grandchildren. Before taking up her current role in the Church she spent 5 years working in a nursery with children aged 0 – 5, and has been involved in children's work in Church for many years.

Susie is passionate about sowing seeds of faith in children's hearts and giving them opportunities to explore that faith through fun and play and prayer. She continues to work to expand the existing children's work in the circuit and develop new activities for the children and their families. Sue established a Prayer Spaces in Schools initiative within the Market Harborough circuit area during 2013, and this is continuing to grow, with 4 schools now hosting regular Prayer Space events.

Contact - Tel 07789 816835 or email

Circuit Stewards

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Circuit Officers

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