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4th April – A Prayer for Today

Reasons to smile.
The bin men solemnly bowing as they are applauded in the street.
The incredulity of the Amazon delivery man as he delivers our regular (four times a year order) of … toilet rolls.
A 10 litre tub of magnolia paint (this definitely doesn’t make the rest of the household happy!).
And a family, the two young children with scooters, who slowly, so slowly, walk down our road on the way from the park.

God of us all,
as we recalibrate our lives
to fill the empty days
help us:
to smile with strangers on our solitary walks,
to put a smile in our voice as we telephone old friends,
to smile with supermarket staff
and the home delivery drivers.

Michael Mays

3rd April – A Prayer for Today

A long introduction to a short prayer, so please bear with me.

Yesterday, Thursday, UK radio listeners formed a nationwide ‘choir’ as five stations teamed up for a ‘communal’ singalong. The BBC website reported that

‘For the first time, Radio 1, Radio 2, 6 Music, 1 Xtra and Asian Network all broadcast the same programme, designed to lift spirits during the lockdown. "This is a unique moment," said Radio 1's Greg James. "Isolation doesn't mean you have to be lonely."’

Songs were suggested by listeners and Radio 1's audience submitted Florence + The Machine's You Got the Love. The song happens to be one of my favourites, although I prefer (as would most folk of my generation) the versions featuring the American soul singer Candi Staton. It’s one of those songs that never really goes away, and I think I know why. Somehow, despite the dance-beat rhythm, it’s the words keep breaking through; and the words are a prayer, let’s take two of the verses:

Sometimes it seems to me the going is just too rough.
And things go wrong no matter what I do.
Now and then I feel like life is just too much.
But you've got the love I need to see me through…

Occasionally my thoughts are brave and friends are few.
Occasionally I cry out, "Lord, what must I do".
Occasionally I call up, "Master, make me new".
You've got the love I need to see me through.

Michael Mays

2nd April – A Prayer for Today

The maple tree that (against advice) I cut back in the autumn
has, at last, a tint of colour as buds begin to open.
My (reckless) end of season ‘pruning into shape’
and now the breaking out of leaf
sets a reddish arch before the dull grey sky.

For this season of new growth
we thank you Lord.

For natures capacity to make new and repair
we thank you Lord.

For the day-by-day transformations in garden and field
we thank you Lord.

And as we look forward to sunnier days,
the warm colour palette of springtime,
may we be hope-filled.

Michael Mays

News connected with All We Can from Sierra Leone

Some of you will know that I visited Sierra Leone only a few weeks ago. Lots to share about the Methodist Church there but in particular about a Methodist hospital in one of the provinces.
They were very much involved in fighting the Ebola outbreak there.

There is one doctor who can’t remember the last time he had a break and who deals with every ‘speciality‘ you can name.

They have clean, but not running, water and solar powered electricity. The equipment available is almost non existent.

In the email I had from Bishop Mark last week he said he was sitting with the hospital administrator trying to work out where they could find the money to buy hand sanitizer for the hospital. A donation from some of our friends arrived at the same time!

Today he writes that there is now one confirmed case of Covid 19. Everyone in the country is very scared.

During the Ebola outbreak the country had a lot of help from Britain and other countries. They know this cannot happen now.

Please pray for the people of Sierra Leone.
If you can think of anything else we could do to help, please contact me.

Anita Beer (0791 007 3436)

April 1st – A Prayer for Today

For the keen eyed, yesterday’s prayer included the wrong sort of weather (now corrected - thanks Dave). Which got me thinking.

Whether we are isolating alone
Or in a free-form family
God will find us.

Whether we are trapped inside
Or dutifully walk the dog once a day
God will find us.

Whether we are on the front line
Or just down
God will find us.

Whether we are blessed with toiletries
Or right out of toilet roll
God will find us.

Whether the weather is sunny and warm
Or registers wind chill
God will find us.

Seeking, searching, shepherding God,
May we sense your presence today.

Michael Mays

31st March – A Prayer for Today

In the dead of night I heard a diesel engine idling,
it must be the milkman.
I reached for the alarm clock,
the illuminated dial read 1:35.

Half awake and half asleep
I make my way to the front door
and brought in the 4L bottle.
Attached was a note:

‘I have received a huge number of new calls
from people who are self-isolating
and in need of milk and other products,
to accommodate this, I am altering my delivery days …’

One bloke who has struggled for years to maintain his round
doing his best to help.
I return to bed, thankfully
thinking of him on this bitter-cold night.

Then my thoughts turn to others
who work through the hours of darkness.

I call to mind my parents –
like so many who are frail and lost
(living in a time-slip landscape of confusion) –
and the night staff, their carers.

All carers, who in Lock-down carry
the full responsibility for love,
transmitted in the still-understood language
of smiles and hand-holding.

we hold with thanks and gratitude
all who work, who care, who give of themselves;
those who – whether they know it or not –
inch us nearer to your coming Kingdom.

Michael Mays

Trust in God’s Provision

The Well, Kibworth, holds a monthly Night of Prayer on the last Friday of the month. On the Friday just gone, we prayed at home and below are a couple of the prayer suggestions from one of the prayer team, Lucy Bloomfield.

TRUST, instead of fear, for provision (both physical and spiritual) - God provided for His people day after day in the wilderness. If they tried to stockpile - it just went mouldy. Jesus told us to ask the Father for our daily bread. Take each day, and our daily bread, one day at a time.

‘Doors are closing, literally - Schools, restaurants, church buildings, leisure centres... BUT doors of opportunity are opening! May hearts and minds also be open to God’s call and the Good News. Church without walls!’

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18th March – A Prayer for Today

We don’t miss the vaper trails that, on a clear day,
appear to scar the sky
but we miss, so much, friends and family far away.

We find ourselves living with a strange anomaly:
in a world of increasing separation
we share a common fear
and must overcome together.

grant to those with power and influence
the wisdom to do what is right
and what is best
for all humanity.

Michael Mays

27th March – A Prayer for Today

Last night at 8pm
we clapped and cheered the NHS.

Even on a village street
you felt the unity.

We are in this together
and will come through this together.

may this sense of unity
and thankfulness
help us to shape our future.

Michael Mays

26th March – Prayer for Today

Lord of us all,

We hold in our minds all those who have nowhere to call home.
In a world where borders are closed
we think of those without status:
without papers, without resources
(beyond the cash they carry).

We try to think-through the implications
for all who live on the fringes,
trapped in the shadowlands of unregulated work
and without the security of a National Insurance number.

And, in shame, we force to mind
those who despair, stranded on the beaches,
or consigned to the camps,
lost from sight as we are consumed
by our present needs
(for we can no longer fill our supermarket trolleys).

Lord, open our hearts;
that we may do our part
to make generosity, tolerance and fairness
the pillars on which our society is made new.
And may the bedrock be love.

Michael Mays