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A close shave for charity

Hello Everyone,

Following in the footsteps of Captain Tom Moore, I think I should do my part for raising funds for NHS workers. Walking round my house 100 times before my 100th birthday seems a bit energetic and I would probably get dizzy.

As you may be aware I am very proud of my curly locks (?) but come the end of June it will be four months since my last haircut. As I live alone there is nobody to cut my hair and rather than spoil my boyish good looks with a bad haircut I have decided to shave my head completely on 30th June in the hope that by doing so I may raise funds for the Ambulance Drivers Charity. As we have all saved money during this time by not going to the barbers / hairdressers please support me by contributing to my Justgiving page to raise money for these men and women who are on the front line of the pandemic. When I get to shave my head I shall endeavour to send a photo to prove what I have done. I may even offer to shave it via a Zoom meeting for anyone wishing to jeer me on.

Although the money you pledge will all go to the charity (except for a small percentage for card transaction costs), Justgiving, being a huge profit making company, try to take an additional amount (15%) for their shareholders. Please make sure you alter this. Personally I think 1% is more than enough to cover their costs.

To access my page please go to:

Thanking you all in advance

Peter Arnold (soon to be known as Yul)

Jubilee Foodbank fresh food voucher scheme

Herewith a brief account of how our local Market Harborough Methodist Church is complementing the work that is being done by our local Churches Together Jubilee Food Bank:

Two families had become aware of how the work of the food bank was escalating even in our comfortably well-off market town and felt we should do something to offer more than simply canned or packeted dry foods to enable a more healthy diet to be available.

This led to us sounding out the possibility of running a trial period for the issuing of vouchers to those who were being referred to the food bank by the local statutory and allied voluntary agencies.

We’re now into the third week of our trial in Market Harborough - and the take up was instantaneous!

Financial underwriting of a 3 month trial with just £50.00 worth of vouchers at £2.50 each saw them all go in the 10 days before Christmas.

A local grocer operates via his shop as the ‘redemption’ centre, with his manager ensuring that special offer goods are brought to clients' attention.

We are now asking churches within our local Churches Together in Harborough to regularly support this scheme via their Benevolent Funds as we expand it to cope with 100 vouchers per month. The responses from the churches and our members may even enable us to grow further in due course.

This may not seem a large scheme to some people, but it indicates quite clearly that the poor are all too readily to be found on our own door-steps.

Has any other church based Food Bank - or any other Food Bank for that matter - started a voucher system for people to gain access to fresh fruit and vegetables?

Through our local Harborough Transitional Development scheme we shall be exploring other possible sources of fresh food-stuffs via Community Garden/Farm schemes that are being considered.

We would be very happy to talk through such a venture with anyone who may be exploring how to bring fresh food, and thus a more healthy dietary offering into their local food bank.

Dave Tomlin