Welcome to The Market Harborough Methodist Circuit

for all those associated with the Methodist Churches of Market Harborough, Kibworth, Naseby, Husbands Bosworth and the surrounding areas. (And any new friends – welcome!)

We hope you can find plenty of helpful material here if you want to PRAY or worship at home, WATCH a video message, READ some inspirational material, or LISTEN to one of our recent sermons. Please see the menu bars above.


We have now re-opened our churches for worship.

Market Harborough has weekly services planned for most Sundays. Please contact Catherine Clarke (01858 419276) to book your place.

Kibworth Chapel meets for Worship at 10:30 am each Sunday.

We will continue also to worship weekly online, through our regular Zoom service (details in the weekly email) and other videos will be provided too on our website.

Video message

During this time we will be posting videos to our newly created Youtube channel, which you can find here: Market Harborough Methodist Circuit.

Seven Last Words is a series of reflections for Lent 2021, exploring the words of Jesus from the cross, as recorded by the four gospels. In this introductory video, Rev Andy Murphy talks about the "Last Words" as words of hope and healing, and we begin to meditate on the seven verses, accompanied by music.

Video for Easter Sunday 4th April

For Easter Sunday 2021, Rev Andy Murphy and his children look for signs of spring, and Andy reflects on the the disciples in their own lockdown, and the words of Jesus AFTER the resurrection - especially John 20:21: "Peace be with you. As the Father has sent me, so I send you."

Video for Good Friday 2nd April

For the seventh and final of our reflections on the words of Jesus from the cross, Christine Hodgson explores "Father, into your hands I commit my spirit" - the words recorded in Luke's gospel as being the last before Jesus died (Luke 23: verse 46). Christine reflects on the deep relationship between Jesus the Son and God the Father, and how Jesus' death and resurrection gives us an invitation to enter into that relationship for ourselves.

The Story of Easter

In this series of 9 short videos, Rev Andy Murphy retells the story of Easter from his 'story tent', beginning with this one, about Jesus' entry into Jerusalem on the donkey and the celebration of the crowds on Palm Sunday.

For the playlist with all 9 videos, see The Story of Easter playlist on Youtube.

If you are isolated, ill, anxious or vulnerable:

Please know that we are daily praying for you.

Please contact one of the people named below, who will be able to talk with you, and try to arrange any practical help you may need.

Rev. Andy Murphy 01858 462889.

Pastoral co-ordinators:
Margaret Cox (Market Harborough) 01858 466942
Carol Pople (Kibworth) 0116 2790116
Ruth Watson (Naseby) 01604 740845

Stewards of the churches:
Catherine Clarke (Mkt Harborough) 01858 419276
Marilyn Calvert (Kibworth) 0116 279 3272
Ruth Watson (Naseby) 01604 740845

Safeguarding officers:
Maggie & Neil Hadkiss 01858 431665

Senior Circuit Steward:
Peter Arnold 01858 446102

Please take some time to look through the resources on this website, for prayer, worship and inspiration, which will increase as time goes on.

Know that as you share in these resources, you are connecting with God who loves you, and joining with others from God’s universal church.

A prayer in times of crisis

Dear God,
Help us to remember that
though we may be isolated, we are never alone;
though we may be afflicted, we are not crushed;
though we may be confused, we will not despair;
though we may be tormented, we are not forsaken;
through we may be struck down, it will not be our end;
for the light and love of God shines in our hearts,
the life of Jesus is already seen in us,
and we will be raised, with Jesus, into God’s presence for ever.

(Based on some words of St Paul from 2 Corinthians chapter 4.)

by Andrew T. Murphy © 2020


The Safeguarding of everyone (especially children and vulnerable adults) is of paramount importance to the whole Methodist Church. We emphasise that Safeguarding is everyone’s responsibility. To help us do this properly and thoroughly, we have regular training for those who lead groups and activities, we are diligent about official checks, and we have appointed Safeguarding officers who can be contacted at any time (as well as the Minister):

Circuit & Harborough:
Maggie and Neil Hadkiss, Tel: 01858 431665
Christine Hodgson, Tel: 01858 467666
Ruth Watson, Tel. 01604 740845
Jo Elliott, Tel. 0116 279 2803

For our Circuit Safeguarding policy, please see Market Harborough Circuit Safeguarding Policy 2018.